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Content Development Projects and Client Testimonials 

Currently working

1. As an independent content developer with the marketing team of super-luxury projects at DLF India, with a focus on The Camellias. I also work with the management team of The Camellias ClubhouseI work on marketing collaterals, resident newsletters, Ad copies for digital and print, internal communications and more. 

2. Also working as an independent content developer with the marketing team of Tamara Resorts. Here I work on blogs, social media calendars, ad copies, promotional communications etc. 

3. Working with Suyati Technologies for tech content development - primarily develop blogs for Salesforce products 

4. Working with Neontrumpet for tech content development for USA based Alteryx and TIBCO 

South India contributor and editor for Godrej Food Trends Report currently in its 6th edition. 


Earlier Projects

Sherwood High School Website - Bangalore - Tech articles

Also worked with brands like Wipro, MindTree, Vakil Housing, Brookefield, CREDAI Bangalore, AxioBio, Axis Capstone, Design Cafe, EazyDiner, DropCap Media, Fingent, FoodHall, Prachar Media, LeadNow, Orange Gubbi, Perez Consulting, Skyscanner, Spiceworks, Superscribe among others,

Having worked with many writers, journalists and editors at A Perfect Bite Consulting, over the years, I can honestly say that Ruth is one of the best in the field.  I have had the pleasure of working with her on various editions of the Godrej Food Trends Report, for which she assisted with binging on some fantastic industry voices for our respondent panel, coordinated great insights and helped edit the final versions. Brainstorming with particularly on the Godrej Food Trends Report, year on year has been a pleasure. She is particularly skilled with interviews and has been a valuable addition to our team! Ruth meets every requirement and challenge and delivers above and beyond. She is straightforward in her communications, perfectly understands the brief on a project and has a strong grip on current developments in the food industry. The fact that she is fun to work with makes a prospective project with her on board, that much more anticipated!  

Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal

Culinary Consultant and Chronicler,

Owner and MD, A Perfect Bite Consulting, Mumbai

I have known Ruth in a professional capacity for more than two years. She has been working for me as a contract commercial writer. NeonTrumpet is a marketing company based in Bangalore, India. Alongside content writing, we run online events, plan marketing strategies, and create websites. We have clients from New Zealand, Australia, the UK, USA, and India. The businesses range from tech and AI firms through to international education and organic skincare companies.

Among others, Ruth has written for a NZ-based skincare brand, written highly technical IT articles for US-based TIBCO, and is a preferred copywriter for a number of design and SEO agencies that use us.

Ruth is an excellent writer, with the ability to turnaround pieces of work on time, and to a high quality. She creates quality commercial blogs for clients that match their often-exacting specifications. She writes to suit the tone and style of the client and submits work with perfect grammar and punctuation. Ruth has a clear structure to her articles, which are logical, flow well, are highly readable, and answer the questions the website customers may have.

As a contractor, I can rely on her clearly communicate when she needs to clarify any uncertainties. Often commercial writing can be incredibly repetitive, but she brings a fresh angle every time.

I highly recommend Ruth as a writer, both for commercial and editorial pieces.

Paula Simpson

Director, NeonTrumpet, Bangalore

All of my content work which is required by the client has always been undertaken by Ruth. I have always found her detail-oriented, diligent, and very punctual with her deliverables ( which is very rare to find ) Her natural flair for writing and producing quality content has impressed many of my clients. Her deep knowledge of the food space reflects in the quality of her writing.

Saina Jayapal,

Public Relations Consultant, Bangalore

Ruth has worked on architectural notes for most of our FnB/Hospitality clients like Hard Rock Cafe, Olive Group's restaurants and bars, VRO Hospitality Group's lounge and bars, Microbreweries like The Pump House, XOOX BrewMill, Gateway Taproom to name a few. These notes are used in media kits and marketing/PR work for each of the brands. Ruth has worked with almost impossible turnaround times, at times within a matter of minutes, and submitted flawless work with just bullet pointers provided to her along with Design Layouts & 3D images. She has an apt understanding of architectural vocabulary making the content she has developed a perfect representation of what we have aimed to accomplish with each project - many a time without her having walked through our spaces too! She has a clear understanding of the WDA style of working and is able to showcase that in her writing for us in the niftiest manner possible.

Jatin Hukkeri

Founder & Creative Director, WDA Spaces, Bangalore

I have known Ruth for some time now, she had written the content for my website -  My organization Social Equity is focused on CSR and Accessibility & Inclusion. It is a niche area and I was looking for someone who would understand the domain and write the content in a comprehensive manner. I am very happy that she did a very good job. She understood the domain fast and we did not do too many iterations. I am very happy to see the way she has grown and become a celebrity in her own right. I wish Ruth all the best in all her future endeavors. 

Abha Saxena

Founder - Social Equity Advisory Services

In every industry, in every profession, deadlines play a crucial role. Getting the work done on time is of prime importance. With Ruth, this is her best quality: promptness and respect for time. What makes it doubly easier to work with her is the fact that, she maintains deadline without compromising on quality. Extensive research, Minimal Errors, Neat Writing, Prompt delivery.... these best describe Ruth's work. As a person, too, she is very easy and professional to deal with.

Sreedevi Jayaprakash

Chief Editor at DropCap Media

Ruth is an extremely dependable worker, both in terms of delivering projects on time and providing high quality content. A congenial and approachable person, it has always been a pleasure working with her. My company uses her content writing services every so often because handing projects over to her means getting them done on time, every time, without having to worry about the quality.

Nina Nair

Founder and Head of Content at The Brown Dog Project

Ruth has been a delight to work with over the last couple of years. She has worked with me on several projects and it has been a real pleasure. She is very good at research and at writing high-quality articles within the given framework. She sticks to deadlines and welcomes suggestions. Ruth is also very communicative making it easy to work with her. She takes her assignments seriously and carries them out responsibly. She is very dedicated and I am privileged to have her on my team. She is definitely an asset! 

Fanny Nathaniel

Social Media Ads Manager

Ruth has been a great freelancer to work with. Comes up with story ideas, or works on ideas suggested. She always delivers on time, and is highly professional.

Savitha Karthik

Content Writer and Freelance Journalist

Ruth can be depended upon to complete her assignment within the timeline. She is also a good writer and an ideas person.

Rehamat Merchant

Language Coach/Writer/Editor

Ruth is any organization's 'ideal' employee. She plans well and is one of the best people i've worked with on meeting deadlines.Careful listener and therefore understands the larger picture of the work at hand. One of those people who you can easily share innovative ideas with and expect feedback encompassing various facets of business, not just the ones she's been exposed to. She's a smart working mom who's managing the work-life balance brilliantly. I highly recommend her work both in quality and in timeliness.

Rohan Chandhok

Director Marketing- JAPAC, SaaS, Oracle Cloud

Ruth has been a great asset to, her insights and editorial work have helped shape the website. She continues to deliver top quality work and has adapted well to the changing face and structure of the website. She is diligent, punctual and well informed. I hope to have her on our team for a long time and hopefully in an expanded funtion.

Samir Nanjapa

Prosthodontist Educator, Entrepreneur

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